Interfaith Ministries is a volunteer-based organization. By volunteering with our family you are becoming part of the change we effect on a daily basis across our community!

We are actively recruiting volunteers at our Thrift Shop for the following positions:
  • Outside donation receiver – This position requires extended periods outside on our receiving dock helping to unload donor’s vehicles. Candidates must be comfortable and able to work in a shaded outside area lifting up to 25lbs with ease. Position needed for 3-4 hours a week.
  • Donation pickup assistant – This position is for candidates with a driver license in good standing and clean driving record to assist with donation pick-ups. Candidates must be able to professionally interact with donors and safely lift up to 50lbs with a partner utilizing moving equipment. Position needed for 4-6 hours a weeks.
  • Item merchandiser – This position entails pricing, cleaning, sorting and merchandising donations on our showroom floor. Candidates must have strong independent work ethic, and basic computer skills. Candidates should also enjoy interactions with customers and provide excellent customer service when necessary. Position needed for 3-4 hours a week.
  • Fashionista specialist – This position would be perfect for the candidate interested in all things fashion! Candidates should have an eye for detail when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, and should be able to differentiate between premium and lower-end items. This position requires pricing, sorting and merchandising these items to our showroom floor. Position needed for 3-4 hours a week.
  • Marketing Guru – This position would be primarily responsible for shooting video of the wonderful wares in our shop. Those with a fear of the camera or being in front of one need not apply! These videos will be live-streamed and posted to our socials to increase our customer engagement. Marketing guru’s are also needed to help curate and maintain an online storefront to increase our customer reach. Position needed for 4-6 hours a week.
  • Bicycle Technician – Our Thrift Shop receives many donated bicycles that need inspection and sometimes repairs in order for them to be ready for their new home. Seeking candidates who are familiar with bicycle work who would enjoy fine-tuning and perfecting these rides for our customers. Position needed for 4-6 hours a week.

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